Miguel A. García – Hiztun!

hiztunmiguel a. garcía . hiztun! – 3″cdr

original composition created for hots! radio, an audiolab arteleku radio broadcast

additional voices by elena aitzkoa & estanis comella
mastered by iker ormazabal
graphic design by estanis comella

This composition by Spanish composer Miguel A. García was originally created for the experimental music online radio Hots! (hots-radio.info) and explores ‘hacked’ radio technology as a means of creating new sounds. A portable radio set is used as a receiver, but also as a sound source in itself, as well as an effects device when microphoned voices are being routed through its speakers and re-recorded. Out of disembodied voices and the static between stations, this piece creates a virtual desert soundscape with the humblest of technological means, paying respect to the pioneer days of radio in the early 20th century when radio was still a ‘do-it-yourself’ technology for everyone to experiment with until, in Europe at least, it came under state control. Sonically, there are (of course) hints of John Cage’s radio pieces as well as more recent glitch/drone music.

+ info | www.attenuationcircuit.wix.com/attenuation-circuit#!__miguel-a-garcia
+ info | www.xedh.org

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