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Hou hanru hear usHou Hanru Hear us | Bill Burns

09.09.2013 | Davis Museum, Barcelona

Bill Burns, Hou Hanru Hear Us GOMA, Brisbane Australiaopening at Davis Museum, Barcelona, Spain, September 9,2013. Hou Hanru Hear us and Beatrix Ruf Protect Us deploy astrategy of playing possum, known in animal behaviour asthanatosis. Thanatosis is a form of self-mimicry wherebythe animal mimic imitates itself in a dead state. Here I am asking for deliverance and intercession. The expressions“priez pour nous”, “protect us”, “delivrez-nous”, “hear us”come from a prayer form known as a litany. Litanies arecall and response prayers. The names on these signs and theother signs in this series such as, Hou Hanru Hear Us orHans Ulrich Obrist Priez Pour Nous are those ofinternationally recognized critics, curators and directors.I don’t consider my stories, drawings or art worldcelebrity signs to be so much laments about lack offairness or injustice as they are cyphers of a biggerpicture – of the world we long for. My intent is toquestion what constitutes art and how it functions. Myproject casts a critical eye on the catalogue of arthistory as well as past and present hagiography. BeatrixRuf Protect Us asks us to take a critical look at the our situations and our institutions. It asks a question that cannot be answered: “What do we long for?”.This brief is mostly about the idea of the project. Theexhibition includes a series of watercolours, a large chalkboard, a large sign on a trestle, a pile of carved logs, a machine for testing art world celebrity work gloves, a series of scale model museums with signs on top of them andsome sheep shearing and milking. A related book withstories and essays by Bill Burns, Jennifer Allen, Dan Adlerand Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda will be published by YYZBooks, Toronto. It is a project about longing.please visit www.billburnsprojects.com for more information.

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