Miguel A. García & Xavier López | ROJO tour 2012


miguel a. garcía & xavier lopez | ROJO tour 2012

ROJO is the association of two young musicians of the european experimental music scene, basque miguel a.garcia (aka «xedh»), active in projects ranging from no wave noise rock to radical performance & improvisation, and french autoditact laptop musician xavier lopez. ice cold digital frequencies meets raw, lo-fi feedback generated sounds in a search for immersive, mind challenging formal constructions somewhere in between noise, new improv and computer music
miguel a. garcía info> http://www.xedh.org
30.11.2012 >
miguel a. garcía (electronics) & xavier lopez (laptop) + sebastien branche (sax, objects) & jean bordé (doublebass)
@ KOBE (maurice berteaux 29, ivry sur seine, france)
02.12.2012 >
miguel a. garcía (electronics) & xavier lopez (laptop) & bryan eubanks (electronics)
@ LA GUILLOTINE (24 rue robespierre, montreuil, france)
03.12.2012 >
miguel a. garcía (electronics) & xavier lopez (laptop)
@ A MAIZING SESSSION WITH (live performance on netradio KKWNE)
04.12.2012 >
miguel a. garcía (electronics) & xavier lopez (laptop)
@ HS63 (rue du houblon 63, brussels, belgium)
05.12.2012 >
miguel a. garcía (electronics) & xavier lopez (laptop)
@ villaK (violenweg 2, 2597 KL, den haag, netherlands)
 DOWNLOAD “ROJO” ep (uzusounds, 2012) >  http://www.uzusounds.com/rojo
physical edition available at concerts

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