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machine pattern
MIKEL R. NIETO & FEDERICO SANCHO – MACHINE PATTERN #01 (cassette by Security Device)

One of the big differences between the 80s cassette movement and the current revivalists, is that these days there is hardly a weird package around, unlike the 80s with its pyramids, cans, pill boxes and bathing sponges. So in that respect this nice oversized styrofoam box needs a big applause – sufficiently different from the majority of tapes reviewed here. Inside the box we find a yellow tape with no print and a piece of paper with some sort of coded message, but puzzling is not my middle name, so I didn’t bother. I tried the website for more clues, and having films and pictures in stead of words is a nice idea, but they aren’t hardly informative. So, the nice graphic by one Federico Sancho and the sound by one Mikel R. Nieto, whose website is equally uninformative. Which is a pity since the music is actually quite nice. Here too I am reminded of the 80s with its drone like sounds, humming like a machine, and perhaps taking its source from a machine. When the drones end, there is, lo and behold, even a machine like sound, one of a primitive kind. Maybe a print place of some kind? With some letter press, hand operated device? I am not sure, but it adds to the conceptual nature of the whole package. What it is all about is a mystery, but it looks and sounds great. And that’s perhaps also a nice 80s touch, where you had zero information most of the times. (FdW)

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