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Artificial Memory Trace : Implodex Tremoranti

All original sounds employed were generated from:

2: Explosion from cannon (extended into 20 min of resonance) recorded by Kwi in the cavern of Han Sur Lesse in Belgium, 1993.
1, 2: Sine-wave-model of planet Earth vibration created by Kwi in Studio CRMW in Liege, Belgium, 1990 (extract from AMT Vol1.)
1, 2: Sine-like tonal-sound of electric field of Gymnotiform fish recorded by Kwi in Amazon, Brazil, 2008
2: Field-recordings by Siobhan McDonald (melting water on iceberg, water running in between tectonic plates, church bells and wind) recorded in Iceland, August 2010.
2: The Eyjafjallajokull earthquake audible sounds are created with specially developed software using earthquake sensor data from the SIL network in Iceland. Copyright: Sveinn Ólafsson, Gagnahnit Inc, Iceland. Short low frequency sounds, each of 1-2 sec of duration, you can hear mixed within track 2 on these locations – 5:49, 12:03 and 12:06.
1, 2, 3, 4, 6: Tactile manipulations and other transformations of lava debris recorded at 96 kHz of ultrasonic range by Kwi; volcanic stones were collected in Iceland by Siobhan McDonald in Aug. 2010. Track 6 reveals purely acoustic properties of the lava stones; these tracks are mixed from non-transformed sequences separated by chimes.

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