EAH Water Soundscape Composition Contest invites composers and sound artists to submit soundscape compositions up to a maximum of 10 minutes to be included in the touring European Acoustic Heritage exhibition and accompanying multimedia book. Entries are open to professional or amateur composers/sound artists until 13 August 2012.

The contest is organized as a part of European Acoustic Heritage project. The project is aimed at discovering and enhancing the soundscapes in Europe, the different soundings and listenings that make up the real and imaginary world and the personality of places and environments contributing to sonic cultural heritage. Ten compositions will be chosen for the final round and the winning three and the winner of the audience vote will be installed and played at the EAH travelling exhibition starting from Galleria Nottbeck in Tampere, Finland and proceeding to France, Belgium and finally Spain during 2012-2013.

The theme of the contest is water. Historically civilizations were built close to water and water sounds defined acoustic communities, as pointed out in the first large scale study on European soundscapes (Five Village Soundscapes 1977/2009). Along the themed Water Sound Map of the project the competitors are encouraged to reflect on soundscapes involving water in Europe. It can be audible in which ever form, as rain, river, fountains, harbours. As ice, freezing or melting or as steam. Or as sewers, a cup of tea or a swimming pool, ect. The composers are encouraged to share their sonic knowledge of cultures and contexts of water and imagine acoustic heritage in Europe invoking different listenings of soundscapes.


  • Works received at the latest by 13 August 2012 will be accepted in the competition.
  • The finalists (10 in total) will be announced by 3 September.
  • Final works will be streamed online for audience voting during 3 – 17 September.
  • Winning works will be announced on the opening ceremony of the exhibiton on 18 September after which they will be installed and audible in the Tampere exhibition from 18 to 27 September.

Audio format and application procedure

Works shall be submitted as a digital stereo audio file according to following specifications:

  • Format: WAV (uncompressed)
  • Sampling frequency: 44100 Hz
  • Bit depth: 16 bit or 24 bit
  • Length: maximum of 10 minutes

Only one entry per individual is allowed in the contest. A valid application to the contest requires the delivery of:

  1. On-line application form including a description of the work at: http://europeanacousticheritage.eu/contest (bottom of the page)
  2. Audio file of the work delivered on-line: Upload the audio file (named FirstnameLastname.wav) to a fast and reliable server, and provide a download link with the registration form. Please note that the link should be active for downloading during 6-13 August.

All required materials have to be delivered to the organizers on 13 August at the latest.

Selection process

The works will be assessed in two stages. In the Preliminary Round, all entries will be screened by the Preliminary Jury, which will make a proposal of the finalists for the Final Jury. Works are evaluated anonymously in this stage. The Final Jury confirms the selection of 10 finalists, and these works will be publicized (with composer biographies and descriptions of the compositions). In the Final Round, the Final Jury alone will assess the works.

Preliminary Jury:

  • Meri Kytö (head of the Preliminary Jury), soundscape researcher, ethnomusicologist, University of Eastern Finland
  • Ari Koivumäki, senior lecturer in sound, TAMK University of Applied Sciences
  • Heikki Uimonen, researcher, adjunct professor of acoustic communication, University of Tampere
  • Juhana Venäläinen, researcher in sociology of art, University of Eastern Finland
  • Susanna Ihanus (non-voting secretary of the Preliminary Jury), contest coordinator

Final Jury:

  • Andra McCartney (head of the Final Jury), soundwalk artist and researcher, associate professor in Sound in Media, Concordia University
  • Simo Alitalo, sound artist and researcher, Turku
  • Petri Kuljuntausta, composer, performer and sound artist, Helsinki
  • Nicolas Remy, acoustician, researcher at Cresson, Grenoble School of Architecture
  • Jürgen Schöpf, ethnomusicologist, Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Susanna Ihanus (non-voting secretary of the Final Jury), contest coordinator

Audience voting will be available on-line. The finalist works will be streamed on the internet during two weeks in September.

More information

For any questions concerning EAH Water Soundscape Composition Contest, please contact the coordinator: Susanna Ihanus, susanna.ihanus@tamk.fi, tel. +358 50 444 1220.

On-line application form

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