Call for sound works, lectures and workshops @ Hydrophonia

HydrophoniaCall for Sound Artists, Electro-acoustic composers, bio-acoustic researchers, hydrophone recordists, DIY hydrophone builders, or anyone with a good theme/idea for a hydrophone workshop, performance, film screening, installation or lecture/demonstration.

Deadline: November 30 2010

Hydrophonia, the only sound art festival devoted to hydrophone based sound art and raising public awareness about the issues of anthropogenic ocean noise is currently soliciting proposals for Hydrophonia Festival 5 in 2011.

Although Hydrophonia is open to ideas, here is a list of what we are currently interested in receiving proposals for:

  • the history of hydrophone recording
  • hydrophone development during WWI, WWII and Cold War
  • beam forming for n00bs
  • hydrophone arrays – what multiple hydrophones can achieve for sound artists
  • getting Internet access to hydrophones already deployed
  • all about the Sound Surveillance System — SOSUS
  • SOFAR channel – uses and abuses
  • Building and using a poor man’s hydrophone array
  • Stereo Hydrophony
  • Unexplained signals – ghosts and sea witches?
  • Hydrophone recordings of unusual environments
  • Ocean noise recycled and reused in sound art


Please send a written proposal as a .pdf and a LINK ONLY to a mp3, avi
or some other format of linear media via MediaFire, YouSendIt



please send all proposals and links to:

+ info |

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