Interstitial Space

Podcast published by Radio Web Macba (2017)
Duration: 53:19 min.
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This sound documentary by Mikel R. Nieto explores the dark areas of the soundscape, where the changes that take place at the social, political, and economic levels are expressed. A research project which focuses on ambivalent landscapes, borderlands, and marginal spaces with differing sound qualities, questioning the stereotypes regarding the soundscape.

This podcast is a stereo version for radio of the original eight-channel piece produced for the 2014 public première of the Phonos Grant awarded in 2012. The presentation of the project was a mix of concert, installation, and sound documentary, which favoured clairvoyance in confusion.

Prat, prat, prat.‘ – A frog at El Prat de Llobregat

More info here.

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