Dreamscapes and other (un)conscious explorations

Dreamscapes and other (un)conscious explorations
Curated by Elena Biserna.
Selected artists & works:

Mark Vernon “Deep Sleep Trawler”
James Webb “Autohagiography”
Magz Hall “Dream Vessels”
Francois Tariq Sardi “Les Chroniques Insomniaques”
Delia Derbyshire “Dreams”
Richard Crow (with the phantasmic voice of Anna Teresa Scheer) Pollutions (Sonnenstein), from Radio Schreber, “Soliloquies for Schziophonic Voices”
Mikel R. Nieto “233 Hours of Listening (Or when I’m Sleeping, I’m still Listening)
Mark Vernon/Ian Middleton “The Tonic Garden: A Sonic Survey of Soothing Sounds”
Mario Gauthier “Passages…”

Sunday programme & Wednesday programme.
More info here (download pdf)

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