Dark Sound – Review # 10

Mikel R. Nieto’s “Dark Sound” truly has love for its surroundings. Quite soothing in its exploration of the great unknown this is a field recording from the night when all else remains silent. Throughout the piece the attention to detail feels incredible as literally every last possible detail is amplified in full. Edits are done with the utmost of care and consideration as the many variations of the sound feel alive. Layering is done in an intricate way that emphasizes the importance of the smallest elements to celebrate those elements of an aural environment that so often go completely overlooked.

The smallest sounds are given great care. Raindrops find their intrepid way into the mix without overwhelming the rest of the balance. Nature’s sounds waft in and out. Over the course of the piece Mikel R. Nieto moves in and out of the original source materials, letting slight manipulations seep into the mix to create a slight disorientation. By opting for this Mikel R. Nieto lets the sound feel as if it is constantly in a state of flux. Various non-natural elements also rear their heads, reminding the listener of the world beyond this one, of the industrial world that so often interrupts nature. For the finale the way that the piece simply disappears into a regular environment, one familiar to all, gives it a universal relatable spirit to it.

“Dark Sound” shows of Mikel R. Nieto’s deft hand at creating engrossing compelling pieces of art through naturalistic means.

Dark Sound by Beach Sloth.

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