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Dark Sound was born out of Nieto’s research into the impact of the oil drilling industry in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. The book and cd collects field recordings, testimonies from the communities that live in the effected areas, letters from the Ministerio del Ambiente, photographs, and explorations of the broad colonial structures and power imbalances that inform the conflicts between foreign oil companies and local communities, and our complicity as oil consumers and voyeurs. The book will be presented with videos that Nieto collected as part of the same research trip.

More Exhibited Works at The politics of Ambience.


Contributors include:
David Toop / Nina Power / Terre Thaemlitz / Ultra-Red / Seth Kim-Cohen / Adam Harper / Lola San Martin Arbide / Chino Amobi / Mikel R. Nieto / David Prescott-Steed / Kevin Logan /Harriet Butler

The event will take place on the 25th of June (10am to 6pm), at the Headington Campus of Oxford Brookes (on the outskirts of Oxford, easily accessible by bus from the train and coach station in central Oxford) and will be free to the public. Although the event takes place at a university, we welcome anyone who is interested.

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