The Color of Noise


Pink noise closely matches the spectrum of sound that we hear in our everyday world. That is why it is most important to increase our tolerance to these frequencies. White noise has equal energy to all frequencies. Since hyperacusis patients are more sensitive to high frequencies, white noise is not the sound of choice for therapy. It tends to slow our progress on re-establishing our tolerances because of the high frequency content in white noise.

There is plenty of scare put out there unnecessarily about sound therapy. That is unfortunate and prevents alot of people from not only getting better, but more importantly, getting their life back. The goal here is to slowly, carefully, build our tolerances to sound. Like any rehab. this comes at a snails pace. Some people don’t have the patience for it. Because of that they never get the prize at the end of the road – living in the mainstream of life without earplugs!

With sound therapy, your ears are getting re-acquainted with sound. Are some people harmed by sound therapy (pink noise) in whatever delivery system they receive it in (CD or sound generators)? No, I don’t believe that. Even for people who say they can’t tolerate the sound of pink noise this can’t be true because they are still taking in the sound of human voices and everything else that goes with life. These sounds are far more noise than the sound of softly played analog filtered broadband (pink) noise. I would say there is only one instance where pink noise has little chance of success. Some individuals are so afraid of noise that they wear earplugs all the time. Their ears become so unbelievably sound sensitive that it is a very hard crawl to get out of that hole. This is rare – very rare. Even those people, if they can get past the fear, can come back.

Sound therapy takes time and patience.

The Color of Noise

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