The better angels of our nature


The better angels of our nature
Soundscape for 12 speakers and architectural acoustics system.

GidariakChoreographed project
“Gidariak” is an experiment. An experience which wants placing dance in a parallel level to our daily lives. This dance will emanate from our gestures and usual habits, gently, guided by them and for the sole purpose of merging into the street as a passer more. We want to guess, protect, share and accompany all trips and crossings we do every day on the streets as an everyday choreographed.

Dantzategia 2.0 | pdf
Choreographer: Jone San Martin | elkarrizketa
Company: Dantzaz

30.05.2014 @ 19:30 h
31.05.2014 @ 12:30 h

Duque de Mandas, Donostia

28. May 2014 by
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