Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces

Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces by Touch & Art Assembly
with BJNilsen, Jiyeon Kim & Mike Harding
9th November 2013 | 7 pm
The Peckham Pelican, London
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Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces – Listening Post

Mikel R. Nieto – Empty Spaces (8min 25sec)

This sound piece contains a recording of an abandoned house in the Amazon Rainforest during the Mamori Sound Project workshop by Francisco López. The recording was made with contact microphones to capture the sounds and vibrations through the house structure. As shown in this composition, emptiness do not necessarily implies an absence of sound, it is often the opposite.

Peter Barnard – Floating Out There (2min 56sec)

Peter Barnard’s practice as an artist involves a broad range of different disciplines ranging from video work, sculpture to site-specific sound installations. Through this body of work – Peter explores how the use of sound affects the way certain objects and spaces speak to the viewer on both a psychological and ontological level through hearing. Using subtle modulation with digital tools, elements that are found within auditory phenomena are purposefully isolated and expanded – calling into question the functionality of sound as an aesthetic experience as well as instigating a more intense listening process on the audience’s part.  This correlates with elements of minimalism found within Peter’s sculptural works that also references architectural archetypes which respond directly to the viewer’s presence within a space.

Chris Wood – Walking on Slow Scree (12min 16sec)

A multi-channel live soundscape performance given at The Banff Centre, Canada in December 2012. Walking on Slow Scree is built from field recordings taken in Banff and Yoho National Parks. The recordist is never alone in a space, they are accompanied by the sound of their own actions… walking, breathing, pressing record… a human presence and narrative that activates the space and the materials it is built from.

Patrick Dahn – Slow Wolves (8min 12 sec)

“Slow Wolves” and deals with slowing down recordings and editing them trying to find new, hidden sounds. In this case I’m working mainly from field recordings of howling wolves/ the woods. I’m interested in the idea of a nature documentary but one where rather than presenting the natural world as it is it tries to find new ways to perceive it, working towards the idea that seeing things wrongly is just as good as the right way.

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