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Dark Sound @ The politics of ambience – Blog

Resisting gendering & binarisation of affect & concept. Reclaiming affect, and pleasure – therapeutic and care-ful. Finding uses for pleasure, with a caution against flattening art to reductive ‘use’. Decolonising the ear. How can we decolonise our hearing?

Dreams & memories. Resisting nostalgia and ironic detachment. Resisting imposed dreams that supposedly unify us, recognising that each of us listens in different ways, even if we sometimes share. What is our relationship to dreams and memories, if not just nostalgia?

The intimacy of hearing. Sometimes we can’t choose not to listen. Intimacy is not just pleasurable, sometimes painful and anxiety-provoking. It’s a privelege to have uninterrupted time to talk about and reflect on ambience & background sound. Bringing the background into the foreground. Having recognised this privelege, how might we share it?

01. septiembre 2016 por MikelRNieto
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